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Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Fat-boy eats again...!

After such a long spell away from this blog, it feels kinds weird to bring it to life again... two years in the UK and I'm back for a brief three month spell here in Hong Kong again... let's see how the mood takes me... this blog could honestly go in almost any direction..!!!!

The title refers to my outing last night... a few ex-colleagues get-together for an indian and a few beers.... some of the ex-colleagues I'm happy are ex-colleagues (Mark, you know who you are... lol..).... some I'm happy to be working with again... all-in-all a good night out, even if fat-boy was having a weird gabble on last night... he kept rattling on about absolute crap... and nobody (least of all him!) knows why...!...

Mark, no tiramisu for you today.....

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Friday, 07 March 2008

100 things you didn't know about the human body...

thought this was interesting... though maybe there's not enough facts about bogies....???



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Thursday, 06 March 2008

skin whitening....!

the latest in body improvements....

...anal bleaching....


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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I hurt....

I've been Wii'd.....

 my arms hurt,.....

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Friday, 22 February 2008

We're on a countdown....

only four weeks left....

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Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Scrotum Self-Repair

read the title again.

...you have been warned.

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Monday, 21 January 2008

how wrong is this...??


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Friday, 18 January 2008

somehow I wish that gun was pointing at me...

Why oh why oh why do people think that it's cute to turn normal (american or Iraqi) household objects into hello shitty crap.....?!

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Monday, 14 January 2008

Scary people who want to date....

during a boring lunchtime I thought i'd trawl the asiaxpat personals again to see what "fun" people had been posting on there.... here's my favourite.... (btw, I think "SAF" stands for Single Asian Female...)


Will I Say YES and Marry You SOON ?

SAF seeks a GREAT, NICE, WEALTHY, ONE WOMAN MAN, VERY SINGLE, WHITE, HANDSOME, FIT man for marriage. You must be family oriented and tradition, you can take great care of me and you are not fooling around. I am NOT interested in meeting any cheating, attached or married men. Please response with your photos, contact details so we can meet in Hong Kong. I believe that if you are a nice and wealthy man then you can fly into Hong Kong without any problem IMMEDIATELY. You can treat me greatly, share everything and your wealth with me like Tiger Woods does to his wife. Is that you ? To avoid any fakes or fools, that's why I requested you to do all these and fly into Hong Kong immediately rather than chatting online. I am not looking for any men who are screwing women up, seeking money and BS around. I am SAF, pretty, slim, direct, realistic, mid 30s, only interested in the serious LTR relationship - marriage with a nice and wealthy man. I can relocate to be with you. You would like to have our own kids once we are married. You like me to slow you down and give you the pressure and pleasure. I am a woman with action. No BS. Thanks. When I said it, I mean it. Please be a gentleman. I am not interested in monkey business. Please send your photo and contact details and tell me something about yourself AND fly into Hong Kong IMMEDIATELY and meet me here in person. I've got enough BS emails. Serious Reply Only. Action speaks louder than BS. NO GAMES. I am not trying to be rough but I speak very true what I seek directly and honesty.

[she's got it all sorted out in her mind.... if only she had a wallet....]


Do your duty.

Searching me.

[... a serious stalker/BDSM girl.... ]


Please come to my heart & kill my loneliness.

Sometimes I hope I would have a great banquet in my wedding... but it seems my dream right now could not be possible. I am old now. I back home, and laid down my cloth... I found that I was alone. Tomorrow... & another day could be the same. Then my eyelids closed - not for sleep. Everything was still. Oh, that such a thing had happened, I met some bad guys before. And that's enough!

[... depression girl.... she needs counselling....]


... and then, in the interests of fairness, I went through a few of the freaky "men looking for women"... here's a selection...


Any rich lady would like to take me home?

I am in 30's, poor ...

[anyone want to shag charles dickens "oliver"...?]


Looking for girl who born in 1978

Hi, I born in 1974, looking for girl who is born in 1978, I am tall with 183cm, sporty, honest, humor, good job, want to have good conservation with you in coffee shop, please kindly send me words, thanks

[well at least he's sure what he wants...!]


Jingle balls Jingle balls

Well now the commercial festive season is nearly over, I wondered if there were any slim western expats (age immaterial open to youngsters too) sober enough to string a sentence together and maybe more with a Mid 40's reasonably fit western guy who wouldnt mind some occasional company but not full on during 2008!!

[does this guy sound like he wants to shag someone his daughters age or what...????]

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Friday, 11 January 2008


From here:

Zero results: 'snake charming' and 'haberdashery'. (Things like 'car' and 'boating' and such are of course the highest, by a huge margin.)

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